Embedded Software group


Welcome to the home page of the Embedded Software (ES) group. Our ambition is to improve the software development and maintenance process for embedded systems, ranging from simple, 8-bit microcontrollers in consumer products to complex, networked controllers in industrial applications.

The ES group is housed on the 9th floor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EWI) building on the Delft University of Technology campus.

Contact information is provided here.

Seminar (complete list)

  • 9 October: Mikel Baun Kjaergaard, University of Southern Denmark (Thursday, 13:30 !!)
    Analysis methods for extracting knowledge from large-scale WiFi monitoring to inform building facility planning


  • [26/9/14] Coen has received the best demo award@IEEE SASO 2014. Congratulations!
  • [12/9/14] Przemek's paper on "Traffic Classification for Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks" is scheduled to be published in the November 2014 issue of IEEE JSAC
  • [12/9/14] We're delighted to announce that our lab will be hosting the GNU Radio Hack Fest from 26 to 30 January, 2015!
  • [11/9/14] Jeroen's System Validation course is massivley popular (check out this picture).
  • [8/9/14] It's party time ... 4 PhD thesis defenses scheduled for the next months: Shi (6/10), Niels (9/10), Stefan (15/10), and Quang (11/11).
  • [1/9/14] Niels got his Power Metering paper accepted at SenSys 2014, well done!