Courses taught by the ES group


Are you enrolled in the "Computer engineering" master track and would like to do an external project for the ET4399 course? Please contact Marco Zuniga for opportunities at Almende BV, Chess BV, Sense Observation Systems, TNO, etc.

MSc Available Projects

We are currently looking for master students to join our group. If you are interested, please come by to discuss possible topics (contact person: Marco Zuniga). You can find a presentation outlining the available research topics here. Alternatively, you can do an external project with an embedded-systems oriented company. We do have a few industrial contacts with open projects (for example, check available assignments at TNO and ABB), but are also interested in new collaborations, so you may take the opportunity to find a company and research topic yourself.

A brief outlook of possible MSc topics in our group:

Ongoing MSc Projects

  • Anass Drif - Leveraging the Capture Effect for Indoor Localization
  • Platon Efstathiadis - SMoT: A Smartphone Based Mobile Testbed
  • Michal Golinski - Wireless Power Transfer Networks
  • Jethro Tan - Software-Defined RFIDs
  • Dimitros Chronopoulos - Data Aggregation Using Glossy in the Wireless Bus
  • Ivar in 't Veen - Improving Wireless Power Transfer Networks
  • Amjad Yousef Majid - White Space Databases on Smartphones

Completed MSc Projects

Thesis Template

A Latex template for MSc theses in the ES Group can be found here (see Adriaan de Jong's MSc thesis for the result).