Courses taught by the ES group

MSc Available Projects

We are currently looking for master students to join our group. In order to make the most out of a thesis we require students to be properly prepared by taking 3 out of the following 4 advanced courses offered by the ES section:

  • CS4055 High Performance Data Networking
  • IN4254 Smart Phone Sensing
  • IN4398 Internet of Things seminar
  • ET4394 Wireless Networking
If you are interested in graduating with the ES section, please come by to discuss possible topics (contact person: Marco Zuniga). You can find a presentation outlining the available research topics here. Alternatively, you can do an external project with an embedded-systems oriented company. We do have a few industrial contacts with open projects (for example, check available assignments at TNO and ABB), but are also interested in new collaborations, so you may take the opportunity to find a company and research topic yourself.

A brief outlook of possible MSc topics in our group:

Ongoing MSc Projects

  • Vinay Pathi Balaji - Virtual Referee: Detection and Prevention of Offsides in Football Through Player Tracking [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • David Bissett - Analyzing TDoA Localization in LoRa Networks [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Carlo Delle Donne - Intermittent Communication [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Patricia Garcia Ferrin - Indoor Localization and Tracking of Mobile Objects in a Healthcare Facility [Project at MoMo Medical] [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Thijs ter Horst - Ultra Wideband communication and localisation [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Javier James - Bluetooth Indoor Localization and Classification of Space Varying Beacons with Random Obstacle Interference [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Raul James - Energy-efficient Indoor Lighting System with Smart Window Blind [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Vincent Koeten - Low-power Monitoring of Laying Hospital Patients [Project at MoMo Medical] [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Rendong Liu - Advanced Data Management and Analysis for Distributed Energy Management System [Project at Royal Dutch Shell], [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Guillermo Ortas - Massive Backscatter Networks [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Chaitra Pai - Visible Light Communication: a System to Help the Visually Impaired [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Dimitris Patoukas - Intermittent Interrupt Handling [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Jan Cees van Senden - Improving Traffic Flow at Intersections by Predicting Traffic Conditions Using Neural Networks [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Sander van der Spree - Visible Light Communication with Mobile Lights [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Gauri Tawde - Scalability in LoRa Network [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Matthijs den Toom - Object Searching Swarm Robots [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Caspar Treijtel - Real-Time Systems [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Danilo Verhaert - Signal processing in the Tock operating system [Project at The Stanford Information Networks Group (SING)] [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Danielle van der Werff - Passive Visible Light Tracking of Robot Swarms [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Chang Yan - Escort system for indoor navigation [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]

Completed MSc Projects

Thesis Template

A Latex template for MSc theses in the ES Group can be found here (see Adriaan de Jong's MSc thesis for the result).